"Man is the Expression of god"

- Siddha Guru Atmananda ji

A profound Truth that delves into the spiritual and philosophical understanding of human existence. This understanding Propounds that human beings are not merely physical entities but are manifestations of the divine. In this perspective, every individual embodies aspects of the divine essence, making human life sacred and intrinsically valuable. 

Siddha Guru Atmananda ji

An Enlightened Master of the Supramental Hierarchy who has Attained the state of Eternal Bliss and exudes the essence of Srividhya, in its Entirety


An Embodiment of perfection.
A beacon of true wisdom and expression of the Self, ie Atma (Soul)


One who is the Light,
and Initiates others in the path of attaining Enlightenment.


Who's being exudes the experience of Atma Anubhuthi and Gyana
(i.e. Experience of the infinite Potential and Knowledge)

Siddha Guru Atmananda ji’s work, started as a spark more than a decade ago, and has now become a Bright flame to help people tap onto their Inner Infinite Potential and realise the importance of aligning to the Higher self. There have been numerous Meditation workshops, across different cities, where thousands of people have experienced the benefits of Supramental Meditation and have Learnt simple meditation techniques for Daily practice.

Siddha Guru Atmananda ji has simplified and curated many Programs for Children and Adults that can be accessed online with handholding for seekers in the path of Growth, Transformation and Enlightenment.

Siddha Guru Atmananda ji

The essence of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji is akin to a sacred river, flowing through the Cosmic landscape, nourishing every soul it touches with the bliss of Atma Gyana. This experience is beyond the grasp of ordinary perception; it is an awakening, a profound enlightenment that occurs deep within. Each syllable of the name ‘Atmananda’ is charged with spiritual energy, acting as a key to unlock the doors of inner wisdom. It is an invitation to dive into the ocean of self-awareness, to emerge drenched in the divine nectar of inner peace and bliss.

In the realm of spiritual experiences, Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji stands as a beacon of light, illuminating the path to self-discovery and universal oneness. This name is not confined to the identity of a guru but expands as a universal experience, accessible to all who seek it. It’s a journey from the self to the Self, a metamorphosis from the mundane to the sublime. Engaging with Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji means engaging with the deepest layers of one’s soul, experiencing an unbounded joy and a profound sense of unity with the cosmos. It’s an experience that transcends words, existing in the realm of pure, unadulterated consciousness.

A Siddha, is not just about transcending the boundaries of a mere identity, but also embodies the essence of the primordial spiritual being. The journey with Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji is not about following a Guru; it is about embarking on a transformative expedition towards the core of one’s spiritual essence.

Sanmarga Srividya

Divine Wisdom, that Bestows “Bhukthi” and “Mukthi”


Experiencing Material Abundance

Materialistic abundance, is not limited to accumulation of wealth, but understanding its transient nature. It’s about appreciating the richness of life and using resources to foster growth, compassion, and inner peace, transcending mere physical possessions.

The Bhukti Marga

“Bhukti Marga,” which translates to “the path of abundance,” is a profound spiritual principle rooted in Indian philosophy. This path advocates for the attainment of liberation not through austerity or renunciation, but through embracing the fullness and richness of life. Unlike traditional paths that emphasize detachment from worldly pleasures, Bhukti Marga suggests that true spiritual liberation can be achieved by fully engaging with the world and its abundant offerings. This approach encourages individuals to find balance and harmony in their lives, celebrating the physical, material, and sensory experiences as integral to their spiritual journey.

Central to Bhukti Marga is the idea that the physical world is not an obstacle to enlightenment, but a means to it. This philosophy asserts that by deeply immersing oneself in the experiences of life – enjoying achievements, engaging in meaningful work, appreciating beauty, and nurturing relationships – one can develop a profound sense of gratitude and presence. It’s not about indulgence for its own sake, but about finding joy and divinity in everyday experiences. This path teaches that by acknowledging and appreciating the abundance around us, we open ourselves to the divine presence in all aspects of life, fostering a deep connection with the universe.

Furthermore, Bhukti Marga also involves a conscious approach to abundance, where one is mindful and intentional about their experiences. It’s about making choices that are aligned with one’s highest values and spiritual growth. Practitioners of this path are encouraged to cultivate an attitude of non-attachment, even as they partake in the world’s pleasures. This means enjoying life’s gifts without becoming dependent on them for happiness or fulfillment. In this way, Bhukti Marga represents a holistic approach to spirituality, one that harmonizes the material and the spiritual, leading to a state of inner freedom and ultimate liberation.


Mental and Emotional Liberation

Mental and emotional liberation involves releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions. It’s a journey towards self-awareness, understanding, and enabling one to experience life with clarity, joy, and a deep connection to the self and the world around.

The Mukti Marga

“Mukti Marga,” or the path to liberation, is a profound concept rooted in various philosophical and spiritual traditions. At its core, it represents the journey towards freedom from limiting thoughts and emotions, a quest for inner peace and enlightenment. This path is not just about the absence of negative thoughts but involves a transformative process that reshapes one’s perception of the self and the universe. By engaging in practices like meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry, individuals gradually detach from the constraints of their habitual thought patterns and emotional responses, opening the door to a deeper understanding of their true nature.

The journey on Mukti Marga is deeply personal and unique for each individual. It often starts with the recognition of one’s own mental and emotional barriers, such as fear, anger, attachment, or ignorance. This awareness is the first step towards liberation. As practitioners delve deeper into their inner world, they cultivate a sense of clarity and calmness that transcends ordinary experiences. The process involves embracing both the light and dark aspects of the self, leading to a holistic integration of the personality. Through consistent practice, individuals learn to observe their thoughts and emotions without getting entangled in them, gaining the ability to respond to life’s situations with greater wisdom and equanimity.

Ultimately, Mukti Marga is not just an escape from negative states of mind but an active journey towards a state of consciousness where one experiences profound freedom and joy. It is a state where the individual connects with the universal truth, transcending the limitations of the ego. This path encourages a life lived in harmony with the world, driven by compassion and understanding rather than egoic desires. The liberation attained is not just from personal suffering but also a liberation that contributes to the wellbeing of all beings, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and oneness with the universe. Mukti Marga, therefore, is not just a personal journey but a contribution towards a more conscious and harmonious world.

Transformation Journeys

Impact of Srividya

Srishti Gupta # Spiritual Growth,
# Real transition
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In just 2 months of the program, I experienced a very strong emotional and mental development in me.

Now, I am more self-aware, and I feel much more equipped to handle situations.

My relationships around are the same but my ability to address them and cater to them has impressively, enhanced!
Anil Chugh# Spiritual Growth,
# Real Transition
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I had visited many places and had tried to understand spirituality from different angles and perspectives but was not fully satisfied.

There was something that was not completely satisfactory. And, for me what differentiates my journey at TWS, is that I am not just theoretically spoken to about a change, I am made to experience it. Which is the real transition for me!!
Abhishek Dusi# Self Expression,
# Work on my Emotions
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My ability to express more effectively and feel very happy in my day-to-day life has enhanced with the Tryst With Sanmarga Program.

The ability to work on my emotions, understand situations better and render a different way of working is easier said than done. Incredibly, this is something I was able to experience with TWS.

The one-of-its kinds meditations designed by Guruji, elevate your way of being in a profound way.
Rajdeep Roy # Confidence,
# Natural flow from Within
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I feel more confident, abundant, and fulfilled. I feel the situations around me have not changed as drastically as the rate in which my approach towards them has changed.

This enhanced approach which feels like a natural flow from within, creates a very different way of experiencing my life. I feel, “IAM Born to Success, as I am getting designed to Succeed” with the continuous mentorship and supra-mental meditations.
Kruttika Mehta# Silence and Bliss,
# Complete Transformation
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My TWS practice has enabled me to embrace my success and manage my lows, experiencing a new golden mean in life.

I recognised if internally I am experiencing the silence and bliss, my actions are also better guided and Handled. My perceptive intelligence and analysis in Different situations have increased. I can experience a Complete transformation in my way of being.
Harsha Nagpal # Spiritual Growth,
# Get solutions to my problems
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The way I deal with life issues has completely changed.

My mindset has really enhanced. I thought no one really understood me and I would constantly question, why certain things happen with me only? With the Neurocognitive techniques taught in TWS I experienced a higher capability within me to analyse situations, get solutions to my problems and I felt equipped to be self-reliant and successfully manage my challenges.
Anjana Shankar# Self Belief,
# Resolve situations
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In TWS I resonated with, “Belief in Myself, Changed attitude to Progress.”

I experience a huge strength within me to rechart and reorient myself. This program is amazing because Guruji addresses day-to-day challenges that we face and he makes us experience an enhanced ability mentally and emotionally to handle it and resolve our situations. I love that!
Mala Kohli # Spiritual Growth,
# joyous life
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My experience has been bountiful. At my age, having retired, I felt I had seen it all.

With TWS, I am able to experience a new life within. Doing the meditations taught by Guruji, I feel the debris of various life situations I was carrying within, is getting removed. I experience a more joyous life with newer perspectives to approach life.
Smriti Mule # Set high Goals,
# inner strength
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I wanted to set high goals and achieve them for myself! But I also found myself doubting my strength, and endurance.

Earlier, I had only practiced swimming for 45 minutes at a stretch. In Tryst With Sanmarga, I experienced an inner strength to shrug off my lethargy state, and find a new zeal. In 3 months of the program, I was able to gain the courage and confidence to successfully complete a 4 hour swimming marathon.
Aditya Sahu# Neurocognitive Growth,
# Total Transformation
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I have been practicing TWS Neurocognitive Meditations from few years and I can witness a 180 degree growth in my outlook, inner confidence, relationship, finances, and my career.

I can say, ‘‘I am a totally transformed person now.” I am happier and feel a new sense of stability and confidence in different areas of my life.
Suddha RamNarayan# Intuitive intelligence,
# Self-reliant
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Earlier I used to get irritated easily and not be content. After attending the program and doing the sadhanas I experience an enhanced mindset within me. I have become self-reliant, and I am able to cope with any level of challenges.

With TWS Neurocognitive Meditations and Mentorship, I see a stark difference in the way my children approach situations. I am very happy to see their enhanced perceptive and intuitive intelligence through different activities in the day.
Yash Thakkar# Clarity,
# Emotional Awareness
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When I had joined TWS, I was just looking for some clarity and direction but what I got was much more than that!

I experienced a higher cognition for better understanding and decision making in different kind of situations. I am now more emotionally aware. My availability to various life situations has improved.
Monica Prasad# Spiritual Growth,
# Sense of calm
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My day is usually very packed and then few comments from friends or family would take an emotional toll.

These situations would impact me into thinking about myself in a manner of disservice to myself. With TWS Mentorship by Guruji and the power-packed sadhanas I now experience a sense of calmness within me.

I feel much more confident and geared to move ahead in life. Even when encountered with different situations I don’t get shaken easily. I am so happy and surprised to experience such a power within!
Savita Rathi# Fears have Reduced,
# Self Transformation
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Earlier I was so fearful to even step out of the house.

I would be very doubtful and scared. With TWS Teachings and Experience I can confidently say that my fears have reduced by 90% and my family is also very happy to notice the changes within me.
Reema Aggarwal # Spiritual Growth,
# Handle various situations
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At my age, I feel I am getting a rebirth in terms of attitude, aptitude, to deal with life situations, and handle myself. I have gained the ability to look around with a new spirit and an enhanced aptitude for life. The best part is that what we perceive as unchangeable and complex situations in life, Guruji breaks them down for our easier understanding and explains it to us using different collaterals.

For me, these learnings when coupled with TWS meditative practice brought in the true synergy of logical understanding with practical experience of emotional stability and enhanced perception to handle various situations. These have truly helped me turn my life around.


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