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Conventional thinking does not give much attention to the powers of the mind. The truth is that the mind is everything and makes a heaven or hell of human life. Supramental consciousness transforms life and aligns the mind with cosmic awareness. The superior intelligence rules the universe and is found everywhere. Alternatively, we may call it love that has no boundaries and is as vast as creation itself. 

The creation, maintenance, and destruction of things depend upon that superior force of awareness. Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji teaches Supramental Yoga which leads to Supramental Awakening. He shows the way to achieve what sometimes appears to be impossible. Each person is blessed with the seeds of illumination that may be developed through Meditation with the help of the master. The idea of becoming a Divine being that all basically are is quite possible.

Essence of Supramental Yoga

The cosmic mind possesses infinite powers that see and understand everything with mighty power. Supramental Yoga is different from the traditional yoga that is commonly practised, which follows physical postures. Supramental Yoga rises above the limited human mind and tries to connect with a universal will. Supramental awakening is a spiritual journey that requires concentration and dedication, leading to higher intelligence. This divine force is the manifestation of a supermind that knows everything and reaches everywhere with a grand, mighty power. Aligned with universal laws, one reaches the noble purpose of existence.

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji’s Teachings

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji imagines spiritual success and worldly success together. The spiritual and material aspects of life blend together in Supramental Yoga, according to him. Integral yoga (unity, mutuality, and harmony) enhances the mental sense and reveals universal truths. If one succeeds in developing higher awareness and aligning with the cosmic mind, life goals may be successfully achieved. Desires may be achieved and problems overcome without a bitter struggle. Dreams may be achieved without fuss, successfully, and with happiness and grace. Siddha Guru believes that the world connects each tiny bit of life. According to him, individuals are interconnected, so much so that events, thoughts, and actions are related to each other.

The Path Leading to Supramentalization

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji has created a plan of action for the successful spiritual journey to Supramentalization. Follow a few principles along the path and adopt a few practices to succeed.

  1. Intentional Alignment: Since the mind is so powerful, adopt an awareness of universal intelligence. Private desires need to be given up and the ego kept in check for the sake of the cosmic will. 
  2. Meditative Practices: The pursuit of meditation helps to develop the mind and break away from the ordinary mind. The result would be a realisation of the cosmic will and the possibility of blending with the higher cosmic intelligence.
  3. Living in Harmony: Follow a lifestyle that tunes into the universe. Heed the laws of nature and the universe in choices, thought, and action. Feel a sense of unity with the vast world of creation. 
  4. Service and Love: Always render social service, and be loving and compassionate to all as essential aspects of the cosmic mind. Every bit of creation and each person reflects the divine state of things. 
  5. Continuous Learning: Follow the instructions of the Guru in detail with sincerity and an open mind. Learn universal wisdom. Accept and implement the lessons taught by experience and difficult times.

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji makes it all possible. A happy and successful life with fulfilled goals and achievements results from the Supramental Yoga Spiritual Journey. Witness a great transformation of life as a result of the supramental awakening. Once an individual aligns with higher intelligence, weaknesses no longer exist. Bliss is the result of a vigorous awareness of the universe. Realistic desires and goals are revealed. The spiritual and material worlds blend together. Worldly success and spiritual truths exist together.

Supramental Awakening

The supreme power of the mind can create bondage or liberation for a person. So mighty is the mind that it creates fate and experience. Such is the meaning of the expression, “mana eva manushyaanam karanam bandha mokshayoh.”

The mind is the key to human life and fate. If the mind is undeveloped and suffers from unawareness and attachments, the result is darkness. Suffering and slavery result from a weak mind. 

Supramental awakening gets rid of the defects of the ordinary mind. The target is a higher level of thoughts and ideas. This divine condition is called “supramental” consciousness. Truth is revealed in such an awakened state directly, without the interference of the mind. Otherwise, the mind is complex with mental and physical obstructions. Truth shines directly like a light in this awakened state. 

Such an approach through supramentalization gets rid of the weakness of the mind. The mind suffers from an identity crisis, limitations, and ideas that lead to an imprisoned condition that could be called bondage. Persons may suffer from fears and fantasies with false ideas. The person may be trapped by desires and unawareness. 

Supramental awakening leads to a developed and energised awareness, resulting in a comprehensive development of the being. In addition to the mind and emotions, the entire personality takes a splendid shape,and the thoughts are revitalised.  Along with the Guru and meditation practices, a gradual change happens,and the result is higher intelligence. The Guru has achieved the realisation that has been passed onto his disciples.

Neurocognitive Srividya

The complex term “neurocognitive srividya” refers to a combined system of ancient spiritual ideas with a modern understanding of how the mind works. Srividya represents the mysterious teachings resulting from the worship of the Divine Feminine, represented as Sri or Lalita Tripurasundari. The transformation process uses neurocognition principles from medical science. Neurocognition represents all that happens in human life, whether it is success and happiness or failure and misery. The supramental approach means that the reality of life can be changed with changes in thinking that result in a conscious elevated awareness. 

Neurocognitive functions such as thoughts and emotions, according to Neurocognitive Srividya, have deeper significance than survival alone. Similar memories exist too. They represent deeper spiritual meanings. The brain plays an important role in gaining a higher awareness that leads to spiritual knowledge. 

Neurocognitive Srividya uses complex techniques, supramental meditation being very important, resulting in improved neurocognitive functions.  The practice of meditations and kriyas results in arranging neural paths and tuning in to the higher intelligence. Spiritual awakening gradually results from such practices. 

The practice of neurocognitive Srividya transforms both the inner and outer worlds for the practitioner. Peace, clarity, and understanding result internally, along with an expanded mind and awareness. In the external world, relationships improve and actions become more meaningful.  

Neurocognitive srividya comprehensively combines thought processes and spiritual approaches. Personal development results in elevated thoughts and spirituality. Neurocognitive Srividya helps get rid of weaknesses and develop personal potential.Blending with higher awareness leads to a balanced illumination that benefits every aspect of life.


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