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The word Agnibodhi means, ‘awakening the intelligence.’ A program especially designed to spurt the development in children diagnosed with ASD. The effects of ASD can be seen across a varying spectrum. This can range from motor sensory issues, developmental delays to fundamental social and communicating skills. The AgniBodhi program specifically targets enhancement of Neurocognitive Abilities within children. The techniques are aimed at improve their motor controls, develop self-management skills and increase the child’s cognition and intelligence. 

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The Atypical nature of the disorder with varying degree for each child has its own challenges that demands carefully designed techniques. A one-size-fits-all approach may not be applicable in such sensitive cases. Thereby, Agnibodhi is an explicitly designed neurocognitive program to help children develop their cognitive abilities and lead a better life

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Programs Benefits...


Neuro-cognitive Development

Supramental Neuro-cognitive Meditations spurt the growth of neurological connections in the brain, which were not formed at the time of birth. Hence, the Growth is miraculously quick and the results are visibly quantifiable within a few days of the program.  


Creating Emotional Balance in the Child

In children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD, it is common to observe, Stimming / repetitive behaviors which are due to the inability to regulate emotions and actions. The meditations have proven to be very effective in reducing such patterns and bringing about Emotional stability within the Child. 


Brain Rewiring

In Neuro-divergent children the Neurological connections are often found to be incomplete or not at par with neurotypical children. The meditations help construct New Neural pathways or Enhances the existing pathways, resulting in better Neural-coherence within the child.


Handling Fears in the Child

The Meditations are curated to schematically work on clearing impressions of Fear, Sensory issues, Meltdowns, and other patterns observed in children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD. The Parents are mentored by Guruji, to effectively handle children who exhibit such behavioral patterns.


Balancing Energies with parents

The program is designed for 3 participants, ie the father, the mother, and the child. From the first month onwards, the parents are elevated to Higher states of Emotional and Mental Tranquility, which directly assists the child with a better environment. The relationships within the family improve to a large extent. 


Improving the child’s Social response

Neurocognitive meditations are extremely effective in raising the Emotional and Social Quotient of the child (and the parents). The Meditations have a high impact on elevating the consciousness of the child, wherein the child develops a perspective consciously, unlike Rote training or learning. This Gradually nudges the child into developing the ability to socialize naturally. 


Regular Online Guidance

The program is designed to Mentor and handhold the Parents with sufficient webinars and messaging systems throughout the program. The program includes mentoring and  LIVE Healing sessions by Siddha Guru Atmanand ji as and when required for the participants.

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