Sanmarga Abhayam


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Aadiyaa Kurupp# Staying calm,
# Sense of clarity
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With the daily meditations I experience more focus and a sense of clarity. The meditations have helped me stay calm under immense pressure.

A difference I have also experienced is that I don’t feel overwhelmed as easily as I would earlier. I am able to manage multiple things effortlessly and experience a positive state of mind. A very good change that I noticed was that now I have lesser mood swings.
Sindhura Ganesh# More Confident,
# Different Perspectives
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The way I look in to any situation has changed. I feel like with the meditations I could see my situations with a bird eye view and could move towards solution more smoothly.

I experience a stability (Samata) emotionally and mentally. Hence I have also become more confident and looking at life in different perspectives and enjoying it.
Deepti Kurup # Sense of Tranquillity
# Work on my Emotions
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With Sanmarga Abhayam, I experience a profound state of inner peace, balance, throughout the day. A new sense of Tranquillity of Mind & Emotions is developed.
Thanmai Gowda# Control my Emotions
# Sleeping Better
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I have started feeling happier, and I am able to control my emotions which has improved my moods and focus. To my surprise, I started sleeping better at night and my anxiety slowly reduced as I progressed in the program.
Nikita Mohan# Become calmer
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I feel like my energy is being preserved inside my mind for the right things. I am not reacting negatively to things like I used to. I do sometimes feel agitated but it isn’t coming out the way it normally would. I feel positive and hopeful on most days. Overall I feel like I have become calmer even though I have a long way to go.
Aditi Jain# Feel more centred
# Get insights into my problems
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I feel I have become more sensitive and aware of myself, my thoughts and my feelings. I feel more centred and in a state of equanimity - not reacting in extremes to events. I feel driven by inner intelligence and a better understanding of why things happened in a certain way. My focus and concentration are better now and my fears towards certain things have reduced. With the mentorship and meditations, I have a better understanding and clarity about myself. I feel attracted towards learning new topics. I also get insights into my problems at times and I am able to look into a situation more objectively. I wish to improve my efficiency and productivity further with this program.
Vijaysingh Chandel# Self Belief,
# Resolve situations
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Its helping me to come out of grief and terrible life situations. I'm more confident that I can handle people's ill-treatment and misbehaviour with better confidence.
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