A Childs Journey of Spiritual Alchemy

Before Conception: Preparing for Earthly Existence

The journey of the soul begins long before conception. Prior to descending into the physical realm, the soul embarks on a profound exploration of its evolutionary progress. During this pre-birth phase, it contemplates the vital lessons needed for its continued growth and development.


In the Womb: The Astral Connection

As the soul gradually enters the womb, it exists in an altered state within an astral dimension closely linked to the developing physical body. The process of self-alchemy for the unborn child commences during this enigmatic period. The soul reflects upon its chosen "essence" for the upcoming life, the relationships it will forge, and the karmic forces guiding its path. This contemplation becomes an integral part of the soul's identity, which it then weaves into the fabric of its nascent physical form, readying itself for birth into the earthly realm.


The Force of Destiny: Imprinting in the Etheric Templates

The "force of destiny" etches itself into the very core of the child's being, intricately embedded within the etheric templates of the child's chakra system, glandular system, and DNA. As the child's body evolves within the nurturing cocoon of the mother's womb, its consciousness reflects upon the life ahead. These reflections give rise to a symphony of emotions that permeate every cell, driven by hormonal and chemical secretions from the heart, brain, and nerves. Thus, consciousness becomes an integral part of the child's body, imprinting the soul's unique identity or signature onto both body and consciousness.


Prenatal Meditative Awareness

Around three months into pregnancy, the unborn child resides in a state of pure meditative awareness. During this serene phase, the child is connected to a deeper understanding of existence. However, this inner awareness begins to transition as the child gradually gains awareness of its immediate surroundings, usually around the 7th to 8th month. This marks a crucial shift in the child's inner world, as it prepares to embrace the outer reality.


The Fresh Mindset of Infancy

Every newborn child possesses tremendous potential to absorb and learn. The infant's mind is a pristine canvas, unburdened by the complexities of the external world. The child's innate curiosity and boundless enthusiasm for life lead it to believe in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. In the eyes of a newborn, the world is a place of endless wonder, and the mental belief system is brimming with an unwavering belief that success is an inherent birthright.


Shaping the Belief System: Childhood Influences

Yet, as the child grows, it inevitably encounters the remarks and experiences of childhood. Moments of depression, disappointments, demoralizing events, and self-doubt can swiftly mold the child's perception of themselves and their capabilities. These early experiences often leave a lasting impact, creating deep-seated beliefs in fear, low self-confidence, and self-limitation. The child, who once believed they could achieve anything, may now harbor doubts and insecurities.


The Crucial Role of Early Mind Formation

The formative days of the young mind are therefore of paramount importance. It is during this phase that meditation can play a pivotal role in enhancing consciousness. Meditation enables the child to connect with their true self, fostering self-awareness and inner resilience. This, in turn, empowers the child to remain focused, poised, and in control of their own destiny as they navigate the complexities of the world around them. Ultimately, the practice of meditation in early years lays the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

In summary, the journey of the soul commences long before birth, as it contemplates its purpose and prepares to merge with the physical realm. The prenatal phase is marked by profound consciousness and reflection, imprinting the soul's essence onto the developing body. Infancy is a time of boundless potential and belief in limitless possibilities. However, childhood experiences can shape beliefs and self-perception. Early meditation can mitigate the impact of external influences, allowing the child to remain centered and empowered as they journey through life. The path of the soul is an intricate and profound one, with each stage holding its own significance in the grand tapestry of existence.


.... I Am That I Am

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