A Childs Journey of Spiritual Alchemy

The journey of the Soul starts not when a mother becomes pregnant, but much prior to that.


Before coming onto the earth, the Soul reviews its evolutionary progress and determines what lessons are necessary for its future growth. 


While being in the womb, the Soul exists in an altered state within an astral dimension that is connected to its developing physical body. Self- Alchemy for the child starts while the soul is in the womb of the mother. At this time it reflects on its chosen incoming ‘essence’, the life and connections it will make and the karmic forces behind them. The child then integrates this process into its new physical body which is then born into the world. 

The ‘force of destiny’ of the child is geometrically embedded into the etheric templates of the Child’s chakra system, the glandular system and the DNA, as the child’s body evolves within the mother’s protective womb. As the consciousness of the child reflects on the life to come, it creates a resonance of emotions which are embedded through vibrations into every cell of the body by hormonal and chemical secretions from its heart, brain and nerves. In this way, consciousness is embedded into the body of the child and the soul’s unique identity or signature is templated within the body and consciousness.

Three months into pregnancy, every child remains in pure meditative awareness. He slowly looses this meditative state and gains awareness of the surroundings around 7th to 8th month. This is the transition phase of inner awareness of the child. 

Hence every new born child has enormous potential to absorb and learn because he is in meditative awareness as his mind is fresh and free, thus the child is always excited and enjoys every little thing. The mental belief system of the child is filled with such enormous passion that he truly believes he is Born to Succeed, that he can become anything he wants - an astronaut, hero, scientist and achieve all his desires.

However in the growing up years every child gets limited by the childhood remarks that he has absorbed. During childhood, small moments of depression, disappointments, demoralizing and self-harming events, happening in and around the life of the same child, makes him resonate to it strongly and quickly, shaping the individuality of the child, creating a huge dent in his self-worth and belief system. The child who once truly believed anything is possible to achieve now breeds qualities like fear, low self- confidence, etc., within him.

The forming days of mind are hence very important in shaping up the life of a child. The purpose of meditation at early age is to improve the level of consciousness by making the child aware of its own Self, so that in the growing years, the child is more focused, poised and in control of its own Self, thus resonates less with his surroundings, and eventually lives a successful life. 

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