A Spiritual Angle to Success

What does success mean to you!!!

  1. Is it having enough wealth?
  2. Is it living a life of happiness? ,

or perhaps having lots of money, a big bank account?, or does it mean having all of it together?

Well, if you understand, success is a relative word and cannot be defined in one sentence. Every person is successful to the extent of his individual appetite. Whatever you have achieved in life is because of what your mind resonates with, the concepts that your mind resonate with. For example - One person feels making 100 crores is a success. Another person feels making 10 lakhs itself is a success. Success is thus a relative word.

Then why is it that not all individuals are successful?  Why do naturally talented people frequently fail to reach their potential while other far less gifted individuals go on to achieve amazing things? This is because an individual always works consciously and subconsciously towards attaining his personal definition of success. But after achieving his personal definition of success his mind questions in self-doubt whether I am successful from the society point of view. The society at large has its own definition of success. However everybody’s individual definition to success as per the resonance of their mind is also different. Due to this huge gap of expectation between the societies view point and an individual’s view point only a few people are able to be truly successful, the ones who live in the conviction of their own true self – “I AM”.

The secret to outstanding achievement is thus not talent, but passionate persistence in living a life of conviction. Designing your own path to success is the fundamental step to liberation. Having a vision plan on how to attain what you want in your life which is designed and architectured by you, the way you love, is a true successful life. The continuous habit of improving the horizon of your perception by disowning the limited self- beliefs of your mind with the power of your “I AM” is the only way to live a well thought over life, a fulfilled life.

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