The Aim of Human Life

The Aim of human Life is to Evolve and continue Evolving.

“Man is created in God’s image”, is the common understanding and teaching of most religions. But how this conclusion was reached, has been the quest of man. 

If creation is observed very closely, from single cellular organism, a multi-cellular organism evolves. 

This multicellular organism further evolved into various species and finally attained the “HUMAN” Form. The Human from is the most Efficient, Intelligent and Energy Balanced Living Species on this planet and hence the evolution of the body is completed in this ecosystem. 

Every living organism that possesses a body also has its own Intelligence or consciousness. The consciousness of any living specie, is limited to the capacity of its Brain (hardware) and Neuro-cognitive functions (software / Mind). The limitations of the Hardware and Software, define the extent to which the species can further evolve physically and consciously. 

Human Beings are capable of evolving the Brain and Consciousness beyond the limitations of the five senses that they are born with. It is possible for a Human being to perceive the entire universe and Experience Oneness. It is possible to Transcend into a state of being, where the outside conditions do not influence the State of being. It is possible for a Human to overcome Sorrow, Grief, Pleasure, Discrimination and all other psychological factors and Experience Bliss. It is possible for a HUMAN to create the excellence of GOD within HIMSELF and outside THE SELF from the experience of Oneness.

“This evolution is the ultimate Aim of Human life”

Life is about realizing and experiencing, MAN is an image of GOD.

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