Cosmic intelligence and the Mind

Human Mind is a collection of experiences.

The perception of every experience creates the consciousness of the individual.

The ability to perceive is again a function of the mind. This forms an infinite loop or a limitation to the ability of the mind. Hence, this is greatest hurdle or the greatest gift in the individual’s life. 

If the perception is good (Holistic) it creates favourable results, if the perception is not good it will create undesirable results, in the form of action and reactions in life situations.

How to change the perception and what is the right perspective is the actual question in the life?  

The Answer is, there is no perfect action. Every action is perfect or flawed in accordance with the situation. Every situation is again handled by the Neurocognitive frameworks in the mind. Again an endless loop. 

That is the reason the mind can never really overcome itself always. The mind can overcome only with trial and error method which will further create Karma.

This situation can be handled by surrendering the mind’s intelligence to an intelligence which is not tainted by memory or experience (action, reaction principle). Only That, which is not in action-reaction can handle the action-reaction phenomenon. Sometimes, the trick levels within the mind are almost invisible to introspection.

In Sri Siddha Sanmarga, the Supreme intelligence is bestowed upon the meditator to elevate and resonate with the Cosmic Mind. When the cosmic mind / Existential intelligence works with the meditator it clears the block and mind patterns, bringing harmony within the individual and the world around him. 

The meditator experiences a state of Being which can be described as “I Am, That”. Which is the true nature of Human existence and the highest form of Being.
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