Guru – A Splendorous Blessing

We all generally live life as it comes and we are never prepared for it. This is because we get cautious only when we are in trouble.

Why do you think you need a Guru in your life? You need a Guru to give you directional and navigational guidance in your life, to train you spiritually. Spirituality is all about staying connected and aligned to the source. Spirituality calls this source with three fundamental names called the Atma, Jeevatma, and the Paramatma. When there is a perfect alignment of your mind with these three, then alone you are called truly spiritual. 

It is often said that the only goal of a human being in his life is to seek God because seeking God is seeking this alignment within oneself. If this alignment is not sought after, then you continue to remain misaligned and keep taking birth after birth and continue to have all the problems in each birth. This misaligned constellation in the human being is called the personality. So, technically you are born with a personality and your true aim is to set this personality to impersonal personality. This is what the greatest of all Gurus, Lord Krishna spoke about in Bhagavat Geeta. Everyone needs a Guru only to fulfil this task in life. So, unless you make the necessary corrections in your personality and make it an impersonal personality, your life becomes useless and you take birth again.

Sri Aadhi Sankaracharya says: “SatsangatweNissangatwam, NissangatweNirmohatwam, NirmohatweNischalatwam, NischalatweJivanmukti”. 

This means, by keeping the company of great Mahatmas one becomes dispassionate. He attains Vairagya. He does not like the company of worldly men. Then he develops the state of Nirmohatwa. He becomes free from infatuation or delusion. Then his mind becomes steady and one-pointed and rests on the Swaroopa or Essence. Then, he attains liberation or freedom.

Satsanga with the Guru is the safe boat to take the aspirant to the other shore of fearlessness, the shore which is beyond darkness. Guru is a person who works with you, within you and for you. Guru works for you to relentlessly go through the ladder of evolution, carrying you all through the way. Guru is that who motivates you and makes you realize that you are greater than your greatness and you are not the greatness you have i.e. car, job, house, etc., because it’s your abilities that is creating these possessions and you are much beyond that.

Siddha Guru Atmanandaji says –“I am useless without you and you are helpless without me. But you and I together can create a miracle called existential reality within you, abundance within you.” In the process of evolution Guru thus acts within you as your own background consciousness, converting the life of a sadhak into a blissful poetry. Being useful is the only way to fulfil the goal of life. Ability to co-exist, ability to co-operate with existence is the only way

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