How to be Blissful 24x7?

This is perhaps the toughest question mankind faces.

All of humanity is constantly chasing happiness but never achieving it. It tries following the societal formula for happiness, by getting good grades, getting a good job, climbing the corporate ladder, making money, buying a big house, buying nice cars, getting married, having a family etc., for permanent happiness. But happiness is always only a visitor.  In fact all of these cause a lot of stress and anxiety. There is inevitable suffering in every human life, despite all the success, money and accomplishment. Whatever the trouble, happiness is required by human beings, for strength and security to move along in life.

Happiness and sadness are related to the mind and heart, but bliss is a different dimension. It is related to your ‘Being’.  If you think and use your mind for everything, you will always have ups and downs in life. If you have emotional understanding, then also you will have ups and downs in life. So from the mind perspective and the emotional perspective you cannot be blissful.  Blissfulness is a third perspective which comes from your ‘Being’ or your ‘I Am’. If you have the ‘Being’ bliss, you will learn to face all challenges, ups and downs with bliss. Hence the question is how to focus on your ‘Being’? For this you need to train yourself under an accomplished Siddha Guru, like Guru Atmanandaji, to experience your ‘Being – The I Am’ and revel in its blissful experience all your life. If you learn to face challenges by the power of your ‘Being’ then you will always be blissful, 24x7.

This Supra-mental meditation App offers various meditations to experience the bliss of your own ‘Being’. i.e. ‘I Am’

Enjoy this experience!

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