The Mind and Supramental Healing

In life we often experience, that we set a goal for ourselves and though we start with great passion, we get stuck somewhere in the middle.

Also we often wonder why only a few people can think creatively and there are only a few geniuses in the world? Most often we are pulled down by our mind. It throws logic after logic at us for not reaching the goal and tells us that creativity and genius are very difficult. Overcoming these mental challenges becomes very difficult.  It is said that an individual cannot perceive beyond his cognitive capacity. This capacity is built by the various experiences that we gather during our lifetime. The emotional traumas or mental conditionings that we face in our life alter the structure of our brain and thereby our ability to function. These are fed into the brain as the software for functioning. The subconscious mind which is responsible for attracting things into our life, receives contradictory messages from the mind, based on these experiences.

For example you might want abundance, but the subconscious mind is already fed with messages that it is not possible to have abundance, so it will not manifest abundance, though your mind desperately wants it. So how do we heal this disharmony?

The Supra-mental Path is the way to heal this. It targets the inner core, where the subconscious mind functions. Supra-mental healing is rewriting or re-scripting the subconscious messages that you try to give. For example if the mind gives a wrong message, ‘Don’t give me abundance’ then the subconscious is already re-scripted to not accept it, and believe only the message ‘ I am born to be abundant’. If this re-scripting happens to the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is repaired naturally. So Supra-mental healing is a very powerful tool, which gives miraculous healing powers and works continuously in reminding humanity of its own humongous potential. Quoting Siddha Guru Atmananda ji,” In Supra-mental healing the divine chooses to manifest things in our life. It is allowing God to function in our life”. Of course your willingness to heal yourself is important.  

Supra-mental Meditation offers very powerful quick healing meditations to experience the power of Supra-mental healing.

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