Sanmarga Initiation

Initiation or Deeksha is a spiritual process where an enlightened master triggers the awakening of the inner potential of a sadhak.


Siddha Guru Atmananda of Sri Siddha Sanmarga initiates sadhaks through Shaktipat deeksha, Pranapat deeksha and Shivapat deeksha.


In Shaktipath deeksha, the Guru, with a spark of his existential potential, awakens the Kundalini shakti dormant in the Mooladhara. Then as the sadhak continues doing his sadhanas, the Kundalini shakti will rise up and will burn all the negative qualities in the sadhak, purifying and expanding his consciousness. 


The Pranapat deeksha is one of the most powerful and rare deeksha style’s, practised by only very few advanced Siddha Sampradayas. It happens through the route of breath. The ancient tradition of Raja Yoga is of 8 limbs – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. In Pranapat Deeksha the Guru shares a part of his prana or life force energy, with the sadhak to awaken his Kundalini, due to which the sadhak instead of practicing and experiencing all the 8 limbs of yoga, can directly experience the Samadhi like state, whenever he feels like connecting with the higher self. This quickens the inner spiritual growth a million fold.


Shivapat deeksha is the most powerful and rarest deeksha which a sadhak can be blessed with. This Initiation is only given by Great siddhas of Himalayas who are inaccessible to normal people. It is done through the Sahasrara Chakra and is fundamentally the God/I Am absorbing you into him. The infinite pulls you up into its own existence. In this initiation the Guru, will merge the sadhaks Kundalini or energy channel to his energy channel. Since the upward flow of kundalini in Supramental masters is very powerful, it will forcefully pull the Kundalini shakti of sadhaks upwards and will stop the Chithi shakti (which has a tendency to move down wards) from falling back to Mooladhara. This is so powerful that after the initiation the sadhak can experience the state of continues awareness and stillness for 24×7.

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