Release Bad Karma

“Karma” is the Mental and Emotional Baggage we accumulate and carry in the Mind. This Baggage is created out of life experiences and the Choices we make with the level of our consciousness.  

If this baggage creates Joy, Happiness, etc it is called Good Karma. And, that which creates Suffering, Fears, etc is called Bad Karma. 

It is not in the action, but in the results of the action, which we experience is Good or Bad Karma.  

The experience of Joy / Sorrow is with the purview of neurological and Psychological constructs of the Mind. These neurological construct define the experiences of life. It is possible to Re-Define or Re-Program the Mind, and its constructs, to experience Bliss, by aligning to the Existential intelligence which is the nature of Human Existence.

This alignment removes, what we call, Bad Karma, by creating new Karma which is Good Karma. 

Changing the Being, will automatically change the Doing, resulting in Favourable experiences. Hence “Releasing Karma”

It is a scientifically proven fact that Meditation, Awareness and self-Introspection help increase the level of consciousness/Intelligence. This higher intelligence will cleanse the “Being” and create better “Doing” in all aspects of life. 

Specific Karma Release meditation of Sri Siddha Sanmarga, with the invocation of the supreme Intelligence “Parajyothi” will help the Meditator evolve in life and deal with situations with clarity, Awareness and experience Bliss…… Releasing Bad Karma. 

Guru Atmanandaji’s meditations are designed to release both Prarabdha Karma and Sanchitha Karma, thereby creating a better Agami karma.

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