Can we change our Destiny?

Destiny is largely a product of our Karma.

Mental activity creates outside life situations. The flow of the mental thought patterns, in Time and Space, creates specific Events. The net result of these events in time and space is “Destiny”. The Mind creates and attracts events or situations in the outside world through interaction. And every event, has an action associated to it. Every action has reactions or further events associated to it. This flow of actions and reactions is never ending, until the alignment of the mind is changed so that it starts attracting the right kind of Events. Hence,  Bad Karma= Bad Destiny and, Good Karma=Good Destiny Like Einstein said “Stupidity is doing the same things, and expecting different results”. In the same way, flowing with the same mental thought patterns and expecting a different result is not possible. Therefore, destiny cannot be changed unless the thought patterns are changed. The change in thought, is possible with an elevated state of “Being”. When the Being is of Higher Intelligence, the doing/ Karma is improved automatically (commensurate with the intelligence). It is within the Human capacity to access the Supreme intelligence and change the Being within. With the help of mediations and introspection, this change in the Being, will enhance the doing and create a change in “Destiny” Meditation, Introspection and Willingness to change, are vital to change the Destiny, which is a product of hardened thought patterns from Lifetimes.
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