What is Sanmarga Srividya ?

Srividya is the science of existential reality.

Modern Science has always been at a loss to explain the evolution of the universe and could never explain how something came out of nowhere.

On the other hand, ancient Sanatana Dharma has always believed that the world began from God in the form of zero or ‘Param Shunya’. Param Shunya was always synonymous with Nirakar Parabrahman. In fact, all the greatest of the great Siddhas always contemplated only on Nirakar Parabrahman as Srividya Sadhana. Srividya is the sadhana of ‘Shunya’ or nothingness. It is the sadhana of deletion.  When by mind, you delete everything, and nothing remains, then what remains is Param Shunya or ‘stillness’. This stillness does not have its own existence, but exists as a background consciousness to everything and is beyond existence. Sanmarga is the perfect righteous path which leads you to a state of being or existence.

The Supramental lineage of Sri Siddha Sanmarga follows the ancient most, traditional practice of Sanmarga Srividya Sadhana, to establish and experience the supramental enlightenment state, of being.  Srividya is a science which gets you to a state of absolute stillness. It is a process of inner evolution of mankind. Finding a state of being which is complete in its ownself in part and in full and in understanding the synergistic harmony of part fullness and complete fullness is Srividya. Most meditative practices in the world focus on training the mind.

But when you try to train the mind it always finds ways to escape by using its intellect. Srividya sadhana is the only sadhana/meditation in which there is no training of the mind, but it focuses on awakening the soul and by doing this the mind is automatically trained.

It is the most powerful sadhana and Sanmarga Srividya Sadhana is considered the most Effective or the Best among all sadhanas.

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