The Sukshma Dhrashta – Sports, is a champion mindset training program, designed to enhance an athlete’s mental strength and focus, which are crucial elements for achieving peak performance in any sport. This program integrates Neurocognitive enhancement techniques, such as Supramental meditation, and Kriyas, tailored to meet the specific needs of athletes. Neurocognitive meditation helps athletes maintain present moment awareness, reducing anxiety, improving concentration during competitions and helps manage stress and maintain physiological balance. This holistic approach not only improves an athlete’s performance but also aids in recovery and injury prevention by promoting mental resilience and a balanced state of mind.

every war is won in the mind, before it's won on the battle field.

For a sportsperson, the ‘battlefield’ is not a literal warzone but the field, court, or arena where they compete. Here, mental fortitude plays a crucial role, often distinguishing the good from the great. Before any physical action takes place, a sportsperson engages in a mental battle – strategizing, visualizing success, and overcoming fears and doubts. This process is akin to players contemplating their moves, understanding the outcomes of the game for concealing a win. This hinges not just on physical ability but on mental acuity and foresight.

Neurocognitive techniques such as meditation, and positive self-talk help in building a mindset that is resilient, focused, and adaptable. For instance, a footballer visualizes scoring the winning goal, a badminton player rehearses the final shot in their mind, and a marathon runner sees themselves crossing the finish line. This mental rehearsal prepares them for the actual event, creating a sense of familiarity and confidence when they finally step onto their playing field. Furthermore, sports psychology emphasizes the need for mental toughness, enabling athletes to handle pressure, cope with setbacks, and maintain performance levels under stress. This is especially crucial in high-stakes situations where physical skills are evenly matched, and the mental edge becomes the deciding factor.

In sum, for a sportsperson, victory is not just about physical prowess but about winning the mental game first – a testament to the adage that the most crucial battles are often fought and won in the mind.

Program Outcomes

#what is developed?

  1. Good Neuroplasticity
  2. High Neural-coherence
  3. Enhanced Perception 
  4. Well networked Left and Right Brain (Full Brain Activation)
  5. Focussed and Equanimous state of Mind …. and more

#what is resolved?

  1. Learning limitations
  2. Emotional and Mental impressions
  3. Self limiting belief system
  4. Emotional instability
  5. Examination Anxiety and Stress …. and more

#Tangible Outcomes:

  1. Multi-subject ambidextrous skills
  2. Higher Academic performance
  3. Energetic and lively behaviour
  4. Faster Grasping and Memory recall
  5. Better expression in communication …. and more   

#in-tangible Outcomes:

  1. Increased self-worth and self perception
  2. Increased presence on mind 
  3. Heightened Intuitive intelligence 
  4. Willingness to strive for success
  5. Mental and Emotional resilience …. and more

Within just 2 months, it is possible for students to observe the above results with visible changes within 15 days of the program. 

program experiences

The value added in the program goes beyond the program prevue. The changes observed in just 4-6 months are phenomenal.  
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