Tryst with sanmarga

with guru Atmananda ji

A profound Truth that delves into the spiritual and philosophical understanding of human existence. This understanding Propounds that human beings are not merely physical entities but are manifestations of the divine. In this perspective, every individual embodies aspects of the divine essence, making human life sacred and intrinsically valuable. 

"Man is the Master of his destiny"

This statement echoes a profound spiritual truth, emphasizing the innate power each individual possesses in shaping their life’s journey. In the teachings of Sanatana Dharma, this truth is deeply rooted, suggesting that through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, we are the architects of our fate. This principle aligns with the teachings of free will, an essential aspect of human consciousness.


The subconscious mind continually manifests according to the conscious mind’s directives. To understand this deeply, one must experience both the illusion of our desires and the reality created by our subconscious algorithms. This leads to a profound shift in the understanding of life and what truly needs to change to see the change we want to manifest.

The profound nature of this truth lies in experiencing it experience. Ultimately, this enables individuals to manifest their reality and master their destiny.

Tryst with Sanmarga is a mentorship program designed by Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, aimed at providing seekers with this profound experience and the necessary neurocognitive development to fully experience life.

Program overview


Supramental Awakening is a profound shift in consciousness, a transition beyond the ordinary mental understanding. It’s a journey towards higher realms of awareness, where one transcends the limitations of the rational mind and taps into a deeper, more expansive intelligence. This awakening is marked by a heightened perception of reality, a sense of profound interconnectedness, and an intuitive grasp of deeper truths. 

What is Supramental Awakening?

The process of initiating seekers into higher states of consciousness is a divine process, conducted by Siddha Guru Atmananda. ji. A Siddha Guru is a spiritual master who has attained a high level of spiritual realization and is compassionate towards others on their spiritual journey. The initiation process typically involves a combination of teachings, spiritual practices, and direct energy transmission. These teachings help disciples understand the philosophical and practical aspects of accessing higher consciousness, which hold insights into the nature of the self and the universe.

During the initiation, Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji may also transmit spiritual energy to the disciples, a process often referred to as “Shaktipat.” This transmission awakens the dormant spiritual energy within the disciple, known as Kundalini.

This awakening is a crucial step on the journey towards higher consciousness, as it facilitates a profound inner transformation. The disciples are guided through various stages of spiritual development, where they gradually shed their ego-bound perceptions and limitations. This journey is deeply personal and can vary significantly among individuals, depending on their spiritual readiness and the guidance of the Guru.


By fostering a connection with the higher concousness, the practices aim to awaken inner wisdom, enhance intuition, and promote a profound sense of oneness with the universe. They serve as a bridge to a more enlightened state of being, nurturing peace, clarity, and profound inner transformation. Guided Supramental Meditations are designed to facilitate a deep, transformative journey into higher states of consciousness. 

What are Guided Meditations and Kriyas?

Guided meditations and kriyas, especially in the context of Supramental Meditations as taught by Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, represent a profound and transformative approach to spiritual practice. Guided meditations are a form of meditation where an experienced Guru, such as Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, leads individuals through a meditative experience. These meditations typically involve verbal instructions that guide practitioners into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. In the context of Supramental Meditations, these guided sessions often focus on transcending the mind’s limitations, reaching a state of higher consciousness, and experiencing a profound connection with the self and the universe.

Kriyas, on the other hand, are a set of techniques that involve specific movements, breathing exercises, and sound vibrations. In the teachings of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, kriyas are used as tools to cleanse and energize the body and mind, facilitating a deeper spiritual awakening. These practices are designed to purify the energy channels within the body, helping practitioners attain a state of balance and harmony. Kriyas in Supramental Meditations are often more than physical exercises; they are seen as spiritual actions that have the potential to bring about profound inner transformations, leading to an awakening of the Kundalini energy and a greater understanding of one’s divine nature.

In the context of Supramental Meditations, Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji emphasizes the integration of guided meditations and kriyas to achieve a state of Supramental consciousness. This state is described as beyond the ordinary workings of the mind, characterized by an extraordinary sense of clarity, peace, and oneness with the universe. The combination of these practices under the guidance of a realized master like Atmananda Ji allows practitioners to not only experience deep states of meditation but also to integrate these experiences into their daily lives. This holistic approach aims at a complete transformation of the individual, leading to a life filled with wisdom, compassion, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all of existence.


Neurocognitive growth is crucial for experiencing a better life. It involves the development and enhancement of brain functions such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and decision-making. This growth leads to improved cognitive abilities, enabling individuals to better navigate life’s challenges, make more informed decisions, and enjoy a richer, more fulfilling experience. It’s a continuous process that contributes significantly to personal and professional success and overall well-being.

What is Neurocognitive Growth or Higher Brain Functions?

Neurocognitive Growth and development refer to the process of upgrading the Brain and the Mind to a higher level of competence and function. This encompasses a wide range of mental processes such as memory, attention, problem-solving, language comprehension, and decision-making. These cognitive functions are influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, and experiential factors throughout a person’s life. As the brain develops from infancy into adulthood, various neurocognitive abilities evolve and mature, allowing for more complex thinking, learning, and understanding.

To encourage neurocognitive growth, supramental meditation can be a valuable tool. This form of meditation aims at transcending the ordinary mental processes to tap into higher states of consciousness, which can positively impact cognitive functioning.

  1. Enhancing Concentration and Focus: Supramental meditation typically involves concentrating on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness. This practice helps in improving focus and concentration. By regularly engaging in this form of meditation, individuals can develop a sharper focus, better attention span, and improved cognitive control. These skills are essential for problem-solving, decision-making, and learning new information.

  2. Boosting Memory and Learning: Through supramental meditation, individuals can enhance their memory retention and learning abilities. Meditation has been shown to impact the brain areas involved in memory, such as the hippocampus. By calming the mind and reducing stress, meditation can create a conducive environment for the brain to process and store new information effectively. Furthermore, the state of relaxed awareness achieved during meditation helps in consolidating new learning and integrating it with existing knowledge.

  3. Promoting Emotional Intelligence and Creativity: Supramental meditation also contributes to emotional intelligence and creativity. By achieving higher states of consciousness, individuals can gain deeper insights into their emotions and thoughts. This awareness fosters emotional regulation, empathy, and social skills, which are crucial aspects of neurocognitive development. Additionally, meditation encourages divergent thinking, a key component of creativity. This expanded thinking can lead to innovative problem-solving and the generation of novel ideas, enriching cognitive capabilities.

Incorporating supramental meditation into one’s routine can have profound effects on neurocognitive growth and development. It not only sharpens fundamental cognitive skills but also nurtures emotional intelligence and creativity, leading to a well-rounded cognitive development.


Mental and Emotional Balance is essential for overall well-being and effective functioning in daily life. It refers to the state where one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are in harmony, enabling clear thinking and appropriate emotional responses. It allows individuals to handle life’s ups and downs with resilience, maintain healthy relationships, and make sound decisions. This equilibrium is vital for personal growth, happiness, and mental health, forming the foundation for a fulfilling and contented life.

Mental and Emotional Balance with Supramental Meditations

The importance of mental and emotional balance in life, especially when guided by supramental meditations taught by Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, cannot be overstated. Mental and emotional balance is crucial for maintaining overall well-being and effectively managing the stresses of daily life. This equilibrium enables individuals to process their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way, leading to improved decision-making, enhanced relationships, and a deeper sense of inner peace. Supramental meditation, as taught by Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, emphasizes the elevation of consciousness beyond the ordinary mental framework, guiding practitioners towards a higher state of awareness and tranquility.

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji’s approach to supramental meditation involves a transformative journey that transcends traditional meditation practices. This advanced form of meditation seeks to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a profound connection with one’s inner self and the universe. By cultivating this balance, individuals can tap into their innate wisdom and creativity, unlocking potentials that lay dormant within. The teachings of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji often focus on the dissolution of mental barriers and emotional blockages, thereby facilitating a deeper sense of clarity and purpose in one’s life.

The practice of supramental meditation under the guidance of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji is more than just a technique for relaxation; it’s a pathway to transformative growth and self-realization. As practitioners develop their skills in this meditative practice, they often experience a significant reduction in anxiety and stress, an increase in emotional resilience, and a greater capacity for compassion and empathy. This holistic approach to well-being empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of life with a calm and centered mind, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and balanced existence.


Availability of privileged content of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, is rooted in the principles of exclusivity and privileged access to disciplined practitioners .

Guruji’s Talks delivered in online or offline sessions are made available for seekers to listen at a convenient pace. 

The content contains guidance and teachings, focusing on self growth.

Private Access.
Only for the initiated.

Unlocking private content, specifically for the initiates of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji, is rooted in the principles of exclusivity and privileged access to disciplined followers .

This approach is often adopted in spiritual and religious contexts to maintain a certain level of intimacy and focused learning among dedicated followers.

Firstly, exclusivity in such memberships plays a crucial role. It ensures that the teachings and insights shared by Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji are received by a dedicated and serious audience. This exclusivity is not just about limiting numbers but also about preserving the sanctity and depth of the teachings. In spiritual traditions, teachings are often considered sacred and are meant to be imparted to those who are genuinely committed to the path. By creating a private, members-only space, the teachings remain undiluted and retain their intended impact, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among the initiates.

Secondly, the aspect of having first-hand access to recent events or teachings is significant. In the dynamic and evolving journey of spiritual learning, being up-to-date with the latest teachings or insights of a revered guru like Atmananda Ji is invaluable for serious practitioners. It allows initiates to stay aligned with the current focus of the spiritual journey and apply the teachings more effectively in their daily lives. This immediacy also creates a sense of community among the members, as they share the experience of receiving and growing through the latest teachings together.

Lastly, such a system of private membership helps in creating a focused and supportive community. Members, having similar levels of commitment and respect for the guru’s teachings, are more likely to foster an environment of mutual support and understanding. This shared space becomes a sanctuary for like-minded individuals to explore their spiritual journey, exchange insights, and deepen their practice under the guidance of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji. The exclusivity and immediacy of content thus serve not only as a means to preserve the essence of the teachings but also to nurture a strong and interconnected spiritual community.


Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji’s webinars and live meditation sessions have profound impact on individuals’ mental and emotional well-being. These sessions, also offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern interactive talks, further enhancing the experience and effectiveness of the program.

During the sessions, one can ask questions and get answers from Guruji 

Live Meditations with Guruji

Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji’s webinars and live meditation sessions have profound impact on individuals’ mental and emotional well-being. These sessions, also offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern interactive talks, further enhancing the experience and effectiveness of the program.

The primary focus of webinars is to facilitate a deep transformation in the attendees’ mental and emotional landscapes. Through guided meditation, thoughtful provoking discourse, and interactive exercises, Atmananda Ji imparts teachings that are rooted in traditional Siddha philosophy, yet are tailored to address the complexities of contemporary life.

The importance of attending these webinars lies in their ability to induce an instantaneous change in one’s mental and emotional algorithm. Participants often report experiencing a sudden shift in perspective, leading to enhanced clarity, reduced stress, and a heightened sense of inner peace. This immediate effect is a testament to the potency of Atmananda Ji’s teachings and the meditation techniques employed during the sessions. These changes are not just transient; many attendees find that the insights and practices gleaned from the webinars have a lasting impact, helping them navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.

Furthermore, these webinars provide a sense of community and collective energy that is especially valuable in today’s often fragmented and isolated world. Attending these sessions allows individuals to connect with like-minded people, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. This communal aspect enhances the overall experience, as participants are not only guided by the wisdom of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji but also uplifted by the collective energy of the group. In summary, the webinars and live meditations offer a holistic approach to personal growth, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary needs, and providing a supportive community for those seeking deeper mental and emotional well-being.

program experiences

The value added in the program goes beyond the program prevue. The changes observed in just 4-6 months are phenomenal.  

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