Live a Wholistic life, with Sanmarga Abhayam 

It is possible to spiritually evolve and expand yourself while being completely immersed in worldly affairs. It is possible to find your ‘Centre’ and build a capacity to stay there, no matterwhat is happening around you. And it is possible to tap your infinite potential and exuberate it in everything you do.

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About the Program

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Abhayam is a Mentorship program that gives you access to ancient Supramental Meditations, under the guidance of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji. The program gives you the opportunity to break the strongest subconscious barriers and experience the life that you desire.

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Program Benefits...

Program Benefits...


Supramantal Awakening

Supramental meditations work beyond the level of Affirmations and the Mind. The meditations give the individual access to Higher states of awareness, Energies, and elevate consciousness on a daily basis.


Emotional and Mental Coherence

The program gradually removes all the impediments created by negative experiences of life and gives the individual the ability to Percieve New ideas and transform with enhanced Synchrony between the Mind and Heart


Heightened Clarity of Thought

Supramental Meditations enhance the Awareness and Perception of the individual progressively. In a very short period of time, a lot of mental and emotional clutter is reduced. Enhancing the Experience of life.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety Levels

With Supramental Meditations, the restlessness of the mind is reduced to a large extent. Tranquillity is experienced in the Mind and Emotion in every meditative session. The same state of being is generally experienced throughout the day.


Enhanced Personality and Social Skills

The programme helps in increasing the SQ and EQ of the Individual. The individual grows the ability to the ‘right expressions’ at the ‘right time’, as a result of enhanced Neural Coherence. 


Improved Intra-personal Relationships

Supramental Meditations effectively and Progressively unclutter the life experiences, Bringing a wholistic change in perspective of the Individual. As a result, meaningful relationships are built with fresh and clear perspectives

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