Is an Intensive program designed to greatly enhance the function of the human brain through the process of ‘Whole brain development.

The uniquely designed meditations enhance 8 centers located in both the hemispheres of the brain. When the centers work in harmony, and with better Neural Coherence,  functions like Spontaneous thinking, planning, people management, and Time  Management are naturally heightened. 

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Supramental meditations increase neuroplasticity and activate both the lobes of the brain. It builds capability and competence to deal with challenges. They also sharpen the mind to easily grasp finer details in complex scenarios.

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Program Benefits...

Program Benefits...


Supramantal Awakening

Supramental meditations work beyond the level of Affirmations and the Mind. The meditations give the individual access to Higher states of awareness, Energies, and elevate consciousness on a daily basis.


Whole-Brain Thinking

The program synchronizes the Left hemisphere and the Right hemisphere brain while thinking/working. This helps the individual develop and Perceive situations, analytically and creatively.


Enhanced Perception and Resonance

Sthita Prajan meditations progressively improve the ability to grasp and understand a complex problem or situation accurately and quickly. An unwavering mind is generally more focused on the task.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety Levels

With Supramental Meditations, the restlessness of the mind is reduced to a large extent. Tranquillity is experienced in the Mind and Emotion in every meditative session. The same state of being is generally experienced throughout the day.


Enhanced Personality and Management Skills

With self-confidence and social skills, the whole persona of a person radiates at a higher level. this adds to an exceptional ability to manage any task flawlessly making entrepreneurs turn almost every opportunity positively.


Improved Intra-personal Relationships

Supramental Meditations effectively and Progressively unclutter the life experiences, Bringing a wholistic change in perspective of the Individual. As a result, meaningful relationships are built with fresh and clear perspectives

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