Do you wonder why some people seem to be much smarter than the rest in the world? There seems to be few people who are highly creative and even considered geniuses. Do you wonder how some people are easily able to do things that are considered very tough by most others? Genius is the result of a perfectly developed “brain” coupled with a perfectly developed mind. The good news is that anyone can become a genius with the help of Sukshma Dhrashta Program.
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Sukshma Dhrashta program is specially designed to take full advantage of the neuroplasticity of the brain (which is remarkably high during adolescence) to bring about structural changes in the brain.

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Programs Benefits...



Multi- Subject Ambidextrous Skills

The program results in whole brain development and perfect coordination between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This leads to the ability to use both hands to write two different subjects simultaneously in less than 6 months.


Whole Brain Development

The program leads to whole brain development, leading to the ability to process and grasp multiple streams of information in a synchronous way.


Enhanced Focus and Clarity

It strengthens the neurological pathways in the brain and its synergistic coherence. This enhances the ability to focus and concentrate leading to the ability to perform tasks much faster.


Enhanced Perceptive Intelligence

The individual gains the aptitude to understand and manage complex subjects with ease. The intelligence enhancement develops the ability to recall information at lightning speed.


Eidetic Memory or Photographic Memory

It develops the photographic memory. The individual can recall any text in the first reading with 80% accuracy.


Boosts Nine Kinds of Intelligence

It develops nine kinds of intelligence like, Intuitive Intelligence, Numerical Intelligence, Articulative Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Kinesthetic Intelligence, Perceptive Intelligence, and Communicative Intelligence. All of these help in building a successful life.


Regular Online Guidance

The program is designed to Mentor and handhold the Participants with sufficient webinars and messaging systems throughout the program. The program includes mentoring and  LIVE sessions by Siddha Guru Atmanand ji as and when required for the participants.

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