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Shalu Varshiney # Reduced Aggression,
# Trying Different food items
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My son is 14 years old. Earlier he would easily go into aggression when he was not able to communicate his needs. Within 4 months of the program his aggression has drastically reduced.

Even in school his aggression is almost negligible. Now we notice his anger barely once a month and that is also manageable unlike, earlier times when we would not be able to handle it.

There is a change in his eating preferences. He was very picky with food and would not even touch curry leaves. It is miraculous that he started eating curry leaves by himself.

In the first month his hyperactivity reduced. In the second month, he started looking at us straight and his corner eye vision had reduced. His hitting and jumping behaviour have come down to a large extent.
Namrata Salunkey# Reduced Sensory Issues,
# Better Sleep Quality
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My son is 3.2 years. We joined Agnibodhi 6 months ago. Earlier his sensory issues were very high. He would not allow us to give him head bath.

He was not trying different food items or fruits. His sleep pattern was very disturbed.

After joining the Agnibodhi program, within the first month he started sleeping well. His sensory issues came down. He started babbling a lot and trying different words. As parents, we are also calmer now. This program has been a true blessing!
Sweeny Gulati# Improved Gut Health,
# No more Biting and Pinching
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Before joining the Agnibodhi program we had tried different treatments, therapies and even diets. She used to be constipated very frequently and this would make her very aggressive.

After joining Agnibodhi, within a few days her biting and pinching stopped, and her gut health started improving without any specific diet.

Even her cognition started improving! She surprises us by completing different activities which we would have never imagined that she would do in her life.

With the program, we as parents have become calmer. Our daughter has started climbing the stairs and that too independently. This was a huge relief for us. I would highly recommend this program to parents.
Dr. Shivakumar# Drastic Improvement in resistant symptoms,
# Developed an interest to Learn
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I am a Neurosurgeon by profession, and I can say, the changes I witnessed with Agnibodhi is immense. We had tried various medical treatments, but some symptoms were very resistant which were not showing any significant improvement. Within few weeks of starting the Agnibodhi Program, our son started showing a lot of tolerance. He had some habits such as constantly washing his fingers, repeating the same things and he used to get emotionally disturbed easily and these symptoms have improved drastically.

He has started communicating more effectively. With Agnibodhi, he developed the interest to learn things further which was a very happy change for us because he would run away from people and situations earlier.
Dr. Satya # Reduced Sensory Issues,
# Very Good Eye Contact
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My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.5 years and now he is 8 years. For the past 4 years we had tried all kinds of therapies, medications, and special educators. There was improvement but very mild. I was disheartened with the kind of time put in and in return the result achieved. After joining the Agnibodhi Program, we experienced 80% reduction in his sensory issues.

He would not allow me to even touch his head earlier and now he is able to accept us giving him a head bath and oiling his hair. This was a big development for us. He is starting to understand what we are saying. He is loving to spend time with me and his eye contact is very good. Previously, he would not even look at us, and now smiles at us and says Hi!

As a mother, I experienced my stress levels have gotten reduced and I am able to understand my child more now.
Thirupalu Babu# Reduced Anger in the child,
# Sleeping pattern has Improved
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My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 years and at the age of 17 years I got to know about Agnibodhi Program.

I joined in the month of September 2022. We seldom believe that there any kind of alternative options available. After joining the program, within the first month itself I could notice some changes in my son. After completion of 3 months, his anger reduced significantly, and his sleeping pattern was much better!

Earlier he would frequently wake up around 3 am at night and now this has reduced to barely once a month.
Gorav Sharma # Reduction in lactose intolerance,
# Higher Attention and Focus Level
# Improved Skills
# Higher Confidence
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The most drastic improvement in my son with Agnibodhi Program is in his stomach issues. His lactose intolerance has reduced by 90% and he is able to eat a lot of food items that he was not able to eat earlier.

His sleep quality improved drastically. I can see my son gaining confidence while interacting with people, which was not the case earlier.

With the program, the mental stability, focus, and attention span improved significantly which has helped him in swimming to such a large extent, that he bagged a gold medal.
Kavya Nathani# Parenting Techniques,
# Enhanced Response
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I can differentiate life before and after Agnibodhi. As parents, we were really confused, we did not know what to do and what not to do, where to go, and who all to consult.

There was so much social pressure, and family pressure. The first thing we experienced was mental peace within us. In our son, we noticed his understanding levels improve. His response to us now, is very encouraging.

Earlier, he would only recognise and respond to me and now he interacts with all the family members. The joy with which he responds to his surrounding makes both my husband and me very happy!

I am really thankful for the mentorship, and directions we get to bring up our son.
Dr. Sriram# Improved Food Intake,
# Reduced Anxiety
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As a father my anxiety levels have reduced a lot which is helping me both at work and at home.

I am very happy after joining the program. I have noticed a lot of changes in my daughter.

She has become more calm, less anxious and she is participating in different activities now.

Her food intake has improved which was a struggle for us earlier. I strongly recommend parents to join and experience it!
Dr. Jyoti # Reduced Self-Talk,
# Reduced Anxiety on a new change
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I am a mother of a 17 year old boy. Before joining the Agnibodhi Program, the main concerns were speech delay, lack of social interaction, self-talk, and a lot of emotional turmoil.

After joining the program, I have seen immense changes in my son. He used to get very anxious even with a small change in his routine. Now he is more open to discussion, which was very rare before. He is more accepting of any new change, and this is a very happy transformation for us. His self-talking has reduced significantly.

As a family we feel more attached to each other. These happy moments as a family we would end up missing before, and this, I feel is a big achievement for my family. I highly recommend Agnibodhi for your child and family environment.
Dr. Sushma # Higher Receptivity,
# Improved Family Bond,
# Better Food Intake
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As a mother, I experienced my anxiety and stress levels have come down. There is an improvement in my family bond.

After joining the program, my daughter became calmer and more receptive. I had a major challenge with her eating habits before as she was underweight, and nutrients were not getting absorbed adequately.

This has improved, my daughter is trying new food items and eating properly. I am very happy to see this improvement.
Chaitra# Improved Verbal Speech,
# Higher Sitting Tolerance,
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My daughter is 5 years old. I was taking Speech therapy and Occupational therapy from past two years, but we had barely noticed any difference.

After a few months of Agnibodhi, my daughter’s receptive and expressive language has improved. She would earlier use very few words and now she is talking in 3-word combinations. She is now able to speak numbers and alphabets clearly as well as recite rhymes without any prompts. I noticed her sitting tolerance has improved.

In therapy session, she was not able to sit for more than 10 minutes. She would run around and would be easily distracted. Now she can sit for 1.5 hours – 2 hours without getting distracted. She is also very cooperative while doing the activities. I am very thankful to the Agnibodhi Program.
Santosh# Improved oral-motor issues,
# Clear expression of Daily Needs
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My daughter had oral-motor sensory issues in which her chewing was completely absent. She used to just swallow smooth or soft texture foods.

Since we began Agnibodhi Program, my daughter has started eating biscuits and some snacks. She has started eating them independently and she chews it well before swallowing which is a great improvement for us. We were trying hard to achieve it from many years. And this time without much effort from our side, she was able to develop it. I really thank Agnibodhi for this.

She has started expressing her daily needs more clearly now. Others in the family are also able to understand her better. Our bond as parents has also enhanced, we noticed this in the first month itself. My own emotional regulation has improved.
Hemant Dagar # Reduced Sleep issues,
# Miraculous results in Meltdowns
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My daughter got diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3years and since then we have tried everything, and we had reached a point to stop everything as nothing was really sustaining the changes over a longer period of time.

Fortunately, we got to know about Siddha Guru Atmananda ji and the Agnihamsa Program. There were many issues, my daughter was not sleeping at all at night. She had started getting mental breakdowns where she was hitting people, crying for 3-4 hours together. This was not just harming her, but it was impacting us as a family.

On daily participation of the program we got miraculous results. If earlier her meltdowns were 9/10 now, they are 0.5/10, they are almost gone! Now she is able to sleep really well at night. We experienced a real difference.
Kaveri Shukla# Negligible Meltdowns,
# Peripheral vision to looking straight
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Me and my son joined the Agnihamsa Program in 2021. There was a lockdown, my son had frequent meltdowns and in a few months his meltdowns had come down drastically.

My son also had peripheral vision, which is due to damaged cerebellum and frankly, I never thought anything in the world could heal it. After 5-6 months I noticed, he was looking straight into the book and reading from the center of his eyes. Now that was a miracle for me!

The Program also calmed me down. I can see him going towards normalcy. I am very thankful for the program, and I really wish for others to experience it.
Nidhi Jha# Increased Sitting Span,
# Louder Speech,
# Social Engagement
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My child was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. He was troubled with certain sensory issues and behaviour issues. His speech was also not very clear and his sitting span was also very little.

After being a part of Agnihamsa, we saw tremendous improvements. He now sits for a long duration and his grasping capability has improved. His speech has become louder.

To our surprise, he also started opening up to people and now I can say he is very social. He enjoys social gatherings a lot. At school, he is talking to peers and following teacher’s instructions.
Akhilesh Aggarwal # Improved Learning Abilities,
# Clear expression of Daily Needs,
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My son had developmental delays. He would not be able to identify and express his requirements to us. Even going to washroom was not manageable.

After Agnihamsa, there is now not a single day where, he has not let us know when he wants to use the washroom. The challenge was completely resolved. The teachers in school have praised our son for the growth of his learning abilities and the changes they can notice in him.
Meghana Dagar # Parenting Techniques,
# Inner peace, Calmness, and Bliss
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I would like to thank Agnihamsa Porgram for bringing a real difference in us as parents to handle challenges, cope with situations and work from a higher perspective.

I have attended other programs too before but the inner peace, calmness, and bliss I could never really experience earlier. With Agnihamsa, just with the first meditation the downpour of energy I felt, was out of the world. Just experiencing that meditation was amazing and then what benefits you can experience in your day to day life is what I would say, is a bonus!

Everyday, I look forward to doing the meditations. I would like to thank Guruji to show me the way to live life, guiding us with parenting techniques, making me aware of the smaller instances which have a bigger impact.

With Agnihamsa, I am able to manage myself much better in different situations.
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