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Essence of Guruji’s wisdom, trickled down by Sadhaks

What is Sanmarga Srividya ?

Srividya is the science of existential reality

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Release Bad Karma

“Karma” is the Mental and Emotion

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Sanmarga Initiation

Initiation or Deeksha is a spiritual proc

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The Mind and Supramental Healing

In life we often experience, tha

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How to be Blissful 24x7?

This is perhaps the toughest question man

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Enlivening Your Inner Infinite

"Every individual is born with infinite cap

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Guru – A Splendorous Blessing

We all generally live life as it comes and we

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Cosmic intelligence and the Mind

Human Mind is a collection of experiences. The per

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The Aim of Human Life

The Aim of human Life is to Evolve and continu

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A Spiritual Angle to Success

What does success mean to you!!!

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A Childs Journey of Spiritual Alchemy

The journey of the Soul starts not when a mother

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